Before buying your Best 2 Ton AC in India among other models available in the market you must understand the specifications and your requirements. There are several features such as compressor, condenser, airflow features, filters to make the comparison.

If you are among those who are looking for an effective and energy-efficient cooling solution for large size rooms, then 2-Ton AC is an ideal choice. Voltas, Samsung, Trane, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, O General, Daikin, and Blue Star, and many more are the leading brands delivering 2-Ton ACs.

Firstly, you need to evaluate the energy consumption of the AC whether you choose a Window AC or a Split AC, as this is the key feature in lowering down your power bills.

Thus, in this article, we have listed Best 2 Ton AC in India from popular brands with their various features.

List of Top 7 Models: Best 2 Ton AC in India

  1. Panasonic 2-Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC, CS/CU-NU24KWKYW:

Panasonic 2-Ton 5-Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

Panasonic ACs offer intelligent diagnostics to detect issues in advance by which helps in maximizing performance levels and increases the overall lifespan. It has a MirAIe Platform that helps customize sleep profiles and allows users to pre-set temperature levels through the night for comfort.

This Platform also supports Amazon’s Alexa and thus enables hands-free operations of your AC. It also has a smartphone compatibility function that allows you to control its operations from anywhere in the house using Wi-Fi.

It has a Powerful Mode which allows for higher fan speeds and enhanced cooling in lesser time. It has a premium Japanese design that attracts people to install this AC and enhances the overall indoor ambiance.

This AC is one of the most durable because of 100% copper tubing to enable faster heat transfer and corrosion resistance. It has Shield Blue technology that protects the evaporator and condenser coils from corrosion from air, water, and other chemicals.

It also features an R32 refrigerant, and the 5-years PCB protection and 10-year warranty on the compressor prove its durability quotient.


  • The manufacturers offer an excellent warranty on the compressor.
  • This AC qualifies as one of the most intelligent appliances in its niche.
  • The voltage stabilizer-free operation is outstanding.


  • The AC does not provide a horizontal swing feature.
  • Installation charges are extra.


  1. LG 2.0 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, MS-Q24HNXA:

LG 2.0 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC

LG 2-ton 3-star inverter AC comes with its dual inverter compressor featuring a varied speed dual-rotary motor to deliver a wider rotational frequency to provide better cooling with energy savings than standard compressors.

It has a 5-in-1 convertible cooling option that allows you to set the cooling depending on your requirements. This AC features the Antivirus protection layer fitted HD filter is coated with Cationic silver ions to deactivate up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses on contact.

This product is mostly preferred in coastal areas and near industrial locations because it features Ocean Black Protection technology to protect the indoor and outdoor units from corrosion.

It offers Sleep mode which allows your family to have a peaceful sleeping experience as it reduces noise levels to the minimum. It also features an auto cleaning option that allows you to turn it on and let the heat exchanger dry by which prevents bacteria and mold contamination.

This AC comes with the dual Cool inverter technology that keeps your interiors cool even when the temperature outside is sizzling hot.


  • This LG AC does not require an external stabilizer.
  • The overall performance is good.
  • It delivers excellent cooling while saving energy.


  • Installation charges are separate and do not form part of the product pricing.
  1. Sanyo 2-Ton 3-Star Dual Inverter Split AC, SI/SO-20T3SCIC:

Sanyo 2-Ton 3-Star Dual Inverter Split AC

Sanyo ACs works on Dual Cool Inverter technology, where the compressor has two independent motors to ensure quicker and more efficient cooling and it will also consume less power.

This AC has inbuilt PM2.5 filters and anti-dust filters that help remove dust, pollen, and other suspended particles which let you have good health in every breath.

It has the Glacier Mode that enables the fans to spin at a 35% higher speed than the Normal Mode to deliver instant cooling at your fingertips, right when you need it the most.

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Its 100% copper coils ensure the fastest heat transfer to result in enhanced performance levels. This appliance comes with hydrophilic fins which provide superior protection to the condenser and evaporator tubes against rust and salt damage.

This AC offers you many features such as Eco Function, Auto-Restart feature, self-diagnosis, backlit remote feature, Sleep Function, hidden temperature display features, and a timer function that enables comfortable turn on/off functionality at a touch of a button.


  • It does not require the services of an external stabilizer.
  • The Glacier Mode ensures instant cooling.
  • The silent performance is a standout feature.


  • The remote functionality is average and needs improvement.
  • The outdoor unit does not come with a protective grill.


  1. Voltas 243V SZS 2-Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC:

Voltas 243V SZS 2-Ton 3-Star Split Inverter AC

Voltas is one of the best Indian manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. This 3-star split inverter AC model provides one of the most energy-efficient performances amongst other ACs in its niche.

It features a high-quality inverter compressor that provides cooling according to requirements while ensuring to save power simultaneously. This AC enhances the environmentally friendly quotient and makes it an appliance to cherish.

This appliance is equipped with smart features such as doubling up as an air purifier, which provides high-quality air purification. It offers you the highest levels of instant cooling as the inverter causes the fans to work faster and ensure instant cooling to enhance comfort levels.

It delivers one of the most durable performances for its 100% copper tubing and ensures better and quicker heat transfer while providing maximum corrosion resistance.

It has the Sleep Mode, by which you can adjust the temperature and it will maintain the temperature at a set level and switches off when it starts getting uncomfortable.


  • The air purifier mode is one of the positive aspects of this appliance.
  • This model is high on performance and power savings.
  • This 2-ton AC can cool large rooms up to 200 square feet comfortably.


  • The customer service engineers charge extra for copper tubing, fitting, and installation.
  • The remote function is average.


  1. IFB 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, IAC124GB3G3C:

IFB 2-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC, IAC124GB3G3C

IFB 2 Ton AC involves using five different filters for purifying the indoor air after cooling it which are the dust filter, PM0.3 filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon filter, and the Catechin filter.

This AC offers Nano-Tek coating which protects the evaporator tubes from corrosion, thereby preventing leakage, inefficient cooling, and frequent breakdowns. It has 100% copper piping with inner grooved tubes that agitate the refrigerant perfectly to enhance heat exchange and deliver quality cooling performance.

It includes the feature that goes on to protect the environment from damage as its coolant exhibits the best ozone depletion and global warming potential amongst its competitors.


  • This AC is high on performance and low on complaints.
  • You get the best of German technology in its cooling performance.
  • You do not have to invest in a separate air purifier for your home.


  • Installation charges do not form part of the product pricing.
  1. Carrier 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC, CAS24ES3R30F0:

Carrier 2-Ton 3-Star Split AC, CAS24ES3R30F0

Carrier 2 ton 3- star model comes with exquisite features like AI Cool mode that adjusts the cooling, depending on your preferences and considering the external temperature. It offers the Insta Cool feature that provides immediate cooling by enhancing the fan speeds considerably.

This AC ensures purifying the indoor air you breathe as the PM2.5 filter eliminates the minutest of pollutants from the air and lets in fresh air to breathe. It also has the HD filter aids in removing all allergens like pet dander, mold, and bacteria and enhances the healthy quality of the indoor air.

It features an intelligent Air Direction Control feature by which it delivers the most uniform cooling. It also features 100% copper components to ensure better and faster heat transfer to enhance cooling performance.

Thus, this AC an ideal adornment in your bedroom environment as it enhances the overall ambiance by several notches.


  • This AC does not exhibit any side swing to ensure proper air distribution.
  • The air conditioner displays an excellent range of cooling air, even when sitting up to 15m away from it.
  • The high-quality refrigerant ensures efficient performance and protects the environment.


  • The installation charges are excessive, considering the services provided by customer service engineers, as reported by many users.
  1. Whirlpool 2-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC, MAGICOOL PRO:

Whirlpool 2-ton 3-star Inverter Split AC, MAGICOOL PRO

Whirlpool ACs include the MPFI technology, a fusion of capillary design, and a smart circuit to ensure instant cooling. It can function in different modes like Sleep Mode, where the machine controls the temperature automatically and increases it by one degree per hour to provide excellent comfort.

This appliance offers the Self-Clean feature that prevents the evaporator and condenser components from rusting. Besides, it inhibits bacterial and microbial growth inside the AC.

It can detect and identify minor errors through the Self-Diagnosis mode. It also has 100% copper components in the outdoor and indoor units enhance the durability factor.

This AC has the Auto Air Swing that switches the louver motor on and off to enable unrestricted airflow from one side to the other.


  • The Sleep Mode is convenient as it automatically increases the temperature every hour.
  • The Fast-Cooling Mode is excellent to deliver immediate relief.
  • This appliance is ideal for rooms larger than 150 square feet in area.



  • Installation charges are not part of the pricing package.
  • It does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity

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Final Thought:

Final Thought

It is all about the Best 2 Ton AC in India. We hope that after reading this article, you will make an idle decision for buying the AC.


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