The fan is an important household item in today’s world. The BLDC fans are a new technology that is coming into the fan’s world. We will look into it and try to find out the Best BLDC Fan in India for you.

BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor) fans are reliable, durable, sturdy, and faster than other fans. The BLDC motors are more efficient than other motors. But, each model varies from the other, getting the best one that suits your requirements won’t be a problem.

In this article, we will describe the top ten Best BLDC Fan in India along with their specifications.

10 The Best BLDC Fan in India:

  • Atomberg Renesa
  • Atomberg Studio+
  • Orient Electric Hector-500
  • Crompton Energion HS
  • Jupiter maharaja
  • Superfan carbon
  • Panasonic BLDC Fan
  • USHA Heleous BLDC
  • Halonix Plasma
  1. Atomberg Renesa Fan:

Atomberg Renesa Fan

Atomberg Renesa is a good product that looks very sleek and stylish. This fan has a 3 blade fan and the sweep is 1200 mm. This fan is available in different colors such as White, Ivory, brown, brown and black, Ivory black, and white black.

All the colors look stylish and fit best with your interior decor. It comes with a dust-resistant coating that looks new always. It is one of the Best BLDC Fan in India and the lowest consumption BLDC fan too.

It has a very efficient BLDC motor built-in that consumes only 28 watts. As per the company, this single fan can save up to Rs 1500 on electricity bills a year. It runs 3 times longer on inverter compared to normal Induction fans.

This fan comes with a full-function remote control with the boost button for high speed. There is also a timer button with which you can set the timer to stop spinning.

This fan comes with a sleep mode and speed control modes with a led indicator for the speed. It can be bright and can be also used as a night lamp. It comes with 3 years of warranty.


  • Consumes just 28 watts
  • Led indicator
  • Night lamp
  • Remote


  • Nothing in the price range
  1. Atomberg Studio+ Fan:

Atomberg Studio+ Fan

Atomberg studio+ is an awesome fan that looks very very good and also expensive. It has beautifully gelled with the existing decorations in a room.

The fan uses a motor that consumes only up to 32 watts at the highest speed. It can save up to Rs 1500 in electricity bills and can runs 3 times longer than any induction fan on an inverter battery. It can runs consistently at the same speed across a 140-285V difference in power.

This fan comes with a free installation option and 3 years of warranty. This fan has led indicators as well to indicate the speed of the fan which can be used as a night lamp.

This fan is remarkably silent too when operating and comes with remote control for controlling the speed. The remote will work as long as you’re 20 feet and you can turn on and off the fan and control the speed of the fan.

Also, you get a sleep function that alters the speed for good sleep with a timer option.


  • 32 watts of power usage
  • Remote
  • Led light
  • Sleep mode


  • Little pricer
  1. Orient Electric Hector-500 Fan:

Orient Electric Hector-500 Fan

Orient Electric Hector 500 is the BLDC fan with stripped-down features. The design of this fan is the same as induction fans.

Its sweep size is 1200 mm and consumes just about 32 watts at its highest setting. It even works on low voltages. It runs at a maximum speed of 350 Rpm that brings in an air delivery of 230 mm.

It is also silent compared to the likes of induction fans with the  BEE 5 star rated. It is controlled by a normal regulator and that is very good and offers one of the Best BLDC Fan in India.


  • Energy efficient
  • Works on the normal regulator
  • Traditional look


  • no remote
  1. Crompton Energion HS Fan:

Crompton Energion HS Fan

Crompton is a big equipment manufacturer who manufactures fans and other stuff. The fan of this company is of very high quality.

Crompton Energion HS  looks like a normal fan. It is available in three colors. Brown, opal white, and ivory. It is a 5 star rated high-speed fan with excellent energy efficiency.

It has the activBLDC technology which claims to have 50% energy saving compared to the conventional fans. The highest speed the fan can do is 370 RPM that delivers the air of 220 CMM.

This fan has a power consumption of 35 watts at the highest speed and 6 watts in the lowest speed setting. This fan comes with RF-type remote control. This remote has speed controls and also a timer so switch off the fan after a certain time.


  • 370 rpm
  • 35 watts
  • Remote
  • Sleep timer


  • Nothing at this price.
  1. Jupiter Maharaja Fan:

Jupiter maharaja Fan

Jupiter fans are specialized companies in fans especially BLDC fans. Jupiter Maharaja fan looks like a normal fan except for the led light. It is made up of aluminum.

The power consumption of this fan is just 25 watts at the highest setting. It consumes 70 watts to 80 watts and has dynamically balanced blades. These blades are created with precision.

The fan produces less noise and its smart motor technology avoids the motor from overheating. It comes with a remote to control it for speed settings. There is a timer function that switches off the fan after the prescribed time.

Its sleep mode reduces the fan speed by one notch every hour for a nice sleep. Its LED button toggles the led light in the fan on and off and can be used as a night lamp. Overall, this is the Best BLDC Fan in India to buy right now.


  • Consumes just 25 watts max
  • Made of aluminum


  • Nothing in the price range


Digital solar BLDC is rated at 28 watts at the highest speed. It consumes very little current compared to conventional fans. It has three blades and for maximum speed, this fan can go is 390 RPM and draws is 28 watts.

It consists of a fan motor, top and bottom canopy, a shackle assembly, a down rod, and three blades that why it’s easy to assemble.

It looks like a conventional fan with an led bulb in the center of the fan motor. It comes with remote control consist of different buttons. There is a power button on top with the dedicated led button to control the led light.

It has six-speed available to choose from with a timer to switch off as programmed.


  • Consumes just 28 watts
  • The maximum speed is 390 rpm
  • Led light


  • The remote is a tad bigger.
  1. Superfan Carbon Fan:

Superfan carbon Fan

Superfan carbon is the BLDC fan that comes with a wingspan of 1200 mm. It enough for a small to a medium-sized room and looks gorgeous.

This fan is available in 10 different colors with 5 years warranty. It is a 5 star rated fan for efficiency with the patented technology that allows the fan to operate at high efficiency.

The maximum power it consumes is 35 watts. It is made of aluminum and hence it is lightweight. It comes with a remote with a drop safe feature. The remote has the controls to run this fan with 5 sets of speed control.

It also comes with a timer to programmed the fan to turn off after preset time. It has a sleep mode which reduces the speed.


  • 35 watts of consumption
  • All aluminum body
  • Breeze mode
  • Sleep mode


  • The price is a tad higher.

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  1. Panasonic BLDC Fan:

Panasonic BLDC Fan

Panasonic BLDC fan comes with a 1-year warranty with rated 5-star efficiency. It looks uber cool and can mix easily with the interior decor of the room. It is available in two colors to choose such as Walnut gold and white silver.

It has a span of 1200 mm and comes with 1 fan motor, 3 blades, 1 remote controller, 1 connecting rod, 6 screws, and 2 red covers.

It is a BLDC fan that works from 140 volts to 300 volts. This fan is versatile and the remote has a 2 to 8 hours auto-off function.


  • Less power consumption
  • 1200 mm
  • Can operate between 140 volts and 300 volts


  • The price is comparatively high.
  1. USHA Heleous BLDC Fan:

USHA Heleous BLDC Fan

USHA Heleous BLDC fan is made of rust-free ABS blades. It has bidirectional movement that can rotate clockwise and anticlockwise with a touch of a button. It uses 43 watts of power that is higher compared to other BLDC fans.

This fan comes with a remote and all the functions of this fan can be controlled via the remote. The remote has three breeze modes such as natural, normal, and sleep modes.

Its motor utilizes 98% of the power given to it and gives 50% off savings. It works on various voltage levels as at the highest speed, it produces air movement of 260 CMM.


  • 260 CMM of airflow
  • Looks elegant


  • Price is higher
  • It consumes 43 watts which are high for a BLDC fan
  1. Halonix Plasma Fan:

Halonix Plasma Fan

It’s a new brand and unknown to the Indian market. The Halonix Plasma fan looks uber cool and the wings are transparent.

This fan has a 1300 mm sweep which is enough for a normal room. It uses a BLDC motor and saves up to 70 percent of the electricity. It is capable of operating from 130 volts to 260 volts so it can work on line current, inverter, and generator.

The maximum input power it needs is 38 watts and it can go up to 270 rpm of speed. The wings are longer, 270 rpm is quite enough.


  • Stylish
  • Transparent body
  • 1300 mm of sweep


  • The price is relatively higher

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BLDC fans consume very little power and return with the highest amount of airflow.

All the Best BLDC Fan in India is listed above and you can choose the one which suits you the best. Our personal choice will be Atomberg studio+.


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