The Best Electrical Switches are several kinds of switches that are used depending upon specific needs, requirement, and location where it needs to be place and all our gadgets & electronics products thrive on electrical energy, switches acts as a gateway to it. 

To make any kind of appliance operate safely and effortlessly proper switch connection plays a major role. The modular switches have been quite trending these days and a majority of brands have come up with one variant as they have gained a lot of popularity because of the number of benefits it carries.

These switches are child-proof sockets, triple protection technology sockets, and also it totally depends upon your household requirement whether you opt for modular, multi-functional, semi-modular, non-modular, etc. 

We present you the list of the Electrical Switches along with their pros and cons because when it comes to safety for Home. It causes a lot of damage by electrical threats like short circuits, ground fault, etc, and to avoid damage caused by electricity at home, your initial step should be to choose appropriate electrical switches and wires from a trusted brand. 

The Best-Electrical Switches for House appealing designs that are best to complement the house interior. Despite their stylish designs, modular switches are easy and safe to operate and the Best Electrical Switches of modular switches provide the guarantee of shockproof switches. These switches are filled with attractive features like hidden screws, shuttered sockets, and many more. Modular switches are easy to assemble, install, and use. 

Best Electrical Switches Brands in India Are: 

  • Havells Modular Switches.  
  • Anchor Modular Switches.  
  • Legrand Modular Switches. 
  • Wipro Modular Switches. 
  • Philips Modular Switches. 
  • GM Modular Modular Switches. 
  • Simon Modular Switches. 
  • Schneider Modular Switches. 


The Only List of Best Electrical Switches in India 

Here is the list of the Best Electrical Switches in India. 


Anchor Switches 

Anchor as a brand has been serving in the electrical field for five long decades and it was after the company’s merger with Panasonic the company grew in leaps and bound. It has more than 4,50,000 retail distribution networks in India. 

They have a wide product line of electrical switches namely, luxury, modular, and non-modular switches which are safe, reliable, long-lasting, customer-friendly and very economical in price, and high in quality. 


GM Switches

GM brand offers a very reliable quality of electrical switch brands and its switches ensure household safety and confirm user-friendly norms. 

The electrical switches are a boost to the home interiors to a great extent and not only it solves the purpose. But also spice up the outlook of the house, this brand is a must-go if you are looking for a good return on investment. 


Havells Switches

Havells is a trailblazer in lighting solutions in the Indian as well as the foreign market. It is a technologically innovative brand with its range of products and has its presence in more than 50 nations including India.

This brand offers electrical switches which is range is beautifully crafted & designed which makes it stand out in the home interiors. 

The popular electrical switch varieties of this brand are coral modular, Oro Metallica, oro modular, etc. It’s ultra-modern approach towards its electrical offering is at par with international safety standards and technically tested and the electrical switches have a glossy finish, different shades of colors & designs, etc. 


Crabtree Switches

The Crabtree is the epitome of aesthetics & state-of-art technology in its electronic switch offerings. They are also specialize in switch gears too. This brand’s endeavor is to create products that fulfill electrical solutions, to all possibilities, and also representing a range of aesthetically appealing products a high level of excellence in engineering. Its switches adorn the office & home walls in a unique way. 


MK Electricals:
MK Electricals Switches 

MK, offers a variety of electrical switches and other household-related electrical accessories, and also it is the creation of Honeywell Ltd.

MK Electricals has been delivering topmost quality products and satisfied all electrical needs in the Indian market. It is also a reliable brand that has been serving since the year 1919 globally. 

Schneider Switches

Schneider’s electrical switches are extraordinary in looks and functionality adding a hint of decor to your living space meanwhile. They have an entire range of electrical accessories and switches are very economical & safe to use. 

The range of switches includes Livia, EPIC, Opale, NEO, etc. It is quite a popular brand label in the electrical industry in India and bringing on the latest patterns and designs to its customers this brand has been garnered by positive responses & reviews. 

Philips Switches 

Philips switches offer a great deal of product line in switches, accessories, lighting & electrical switches, gadgets, appliances, etc. This brand carries a high reputed brand offering integrated electrical solutions backed with advanced technology. It offers gadgets & equipment pertaining to health technology & health informatics. 


This brand has widened its catalog range to many other electric accessories other than electrical switches. It offers one of the best qualities of cable wires and electrical switches. Finolex is a private sector company that was founded in the year 1958 and has its corporate office situated in Pune. 

Simon Switches

Simon has registered office of this brand is situated in Noida. It has a global repute of providing high voltage electrical products. The Simon is a Spanish brand that was established in the year 1916 and has been serving in the Indian electrical market as well. 

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Legrand Switches 

The Legrand brand is unbeatable in the field of lighting and electrical solutions in India. It has the most trending switch options are soft tap, paddle, half size, sensa switch, etc. This brand is a living digital inspiration for other competitors not only nationwide but around the globe. 

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Final Thought:

Final Thought 

This is all about the Best Electrical Switches and other than style and solidness, Modular switches offer unmistakable predominant quality. The information provided you with the most reliable and detailed information about the Switches which is also found in India.

So you don’t need to switch on any other website now to look for the best modular switches in India as each brand has its own unique feature of modular switches. Remember that, whatever brand of switches you choose, make sure your safety is your priority. 

Hence, decorate your house and workplace with modular switches according to your lifestyle and spend your money worthwhile.  



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