Most people are indulged in finding cost-effective and efficient geysers for the bathroom or kitchen. Thus for them, we have reviewed the top 10 most popular and the Best Water Heater Brand in India.

Electric water heaters are specially designed water heaters that offer instant hot water for multiple purposes. The demand for electric water heaters is also growing.

This article is based on the top 10 Best Water Heater Brand in India with advanced features and energy-saving options.

Before discussing water heaters, let’s have a look at the most exciting advantages of electric water heaters.

  • Safety: 

Electric water heating is relatively safer as they help you avoid issues or hazards associated with the ignition process of water heating.

Electric water heaters can contribute to your everyday convenience.

  • Ease of Use:

A water heater is simple to use as they have the advent of advanced technologies. They come with a user manual mentioning easy-to-follow instructions.

Water heaters are the easiest and convenient way to heat water for both commercial and residential purposes.

  • Indoor Air Quality: 

The electric water heaters do not pollute the degradation of indoor air quality.

  • Efficiency and Performance: 

The efficiency and performance both are good-to-consider factors while buying an electric water heater. They are more efficient as compared to fuel-fried geysers or water heaters.

They ensure quick water heating regardless of outdoor temperature.

Top 10 Best Water Heater Brand in India:

  1. AO. Smith:

AO. Smith water heaters

The electric water heaters by AO Smith are one of the Best Water Heater Brand in India. It is considered as the Superbrand in India for Water Heaters.

They offer both electric instant water heaters and electric storage water heaters along with RO+UV water filters and water purifiers.

  1. Havells:

Havells Water Heaters

Havells offers a wide range of instant and storage water heaters. The designs of these heaters are suitable for your compact area with capacities of 35 and 50 liters.They have a Monza range which offers storage slim water heaters that are efficient and long-lasting products.

Havells is known as the best brands for electric products in India are wire and cable, water purifier, and LED bulb.

  1. Crompton:

Crompton Water Heaters

Crompton Solarium storage water geyser featuring a smart design. The water heaters from them are suitable for high-rise buildings. It is one of the most trusted Indian brands.

It is also a leading manufacturer of power products like fans, light and luminaries, pumps, and air coolers.

  1. Bajaj:

Bajaj water Heaters

Bajaj new Shakti storage type Vertical water heaters are energy efficient. They provide you a luxurious experience of a warm bath.

Bajaj Electricals also provides a wide range of instant water heaters, storage water heaters, and gas water heaters in India at a low price.

  1. V-Guard:

V-Guard Water Heaters

V-Guard introduces a wide range of water heaters in the Indian market with a capacity of 6 liters and above that. The brand V-Guard offers new age storage water heaters.

They are best suited for your lifestyle with easy operation, free design into any modern bathroom.

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  1. American Micronic:

American Micronic water Heaters

American Micronic Instruments Company manufactures and designs high-quality products with durability and safety. The company offers ISO-certified products with an imported water heater with an 8 bar pressure glass-lined tank.

They had only water heaters available in India with energy savings.

  1. Morphy Richards:

Morphy Richards Water Heaters

Morphy Richards offers a wide range of storage water heater geysers with the most attractive features. They offer features of a Glass-lined heating element, digital temperature display, Glass-lined tank, and remote control, etc.

  1. Usha:

Usha Water Heaters

Usha brand offers their range of electric misty water heater that is best in class as well as in safety and performance. They offer a powerful storage water heater.

They also offer great features such as PUF insulation, dry heating protection, and fast heating.

  1. Racold:

Racold Water Heaters

Racold brand is one of India’s most trusted brands of water heaters in the industry. They constantly evolving with new advanced features like silver ion technology, Italian design, and a combination of technology.

  1. Jaquar:

Jaquar Water Heaters

Jaquar Group sells showers, faucet products, lighting products, and water heaters for bathrooms. This Indian company also operates in over 45 countries.

They are emerged as the most premium brand of India in bathroom fittings as well as now in Jaquar lighting.

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The Best Water Heater Brand in India listed above is an ideal combination of quality, efficiency, and reliability.

We recommend you consider the above-mentioned water heaters and bring a splash of comfort to your everyday life.


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