Bitcoin Can Lead to Biggest Electricity Crisis in Whole World? Cryptocurrency Bitcoin was invented in the year 2008. Its usage has increased in the last few years. One study from the Cambridge University states that the amount of electricity spent in mining for bitcoin is used in Argentina.

Tesla owner Elon Musk has made up his mind to invest in Bitcoin. The rising prices of bitcoin are more beneficial for the people involved in the mining business.

Bitcoin Prices Fall Drastically Due to the Power Crisis in China:

Bitcoin Prices Falling Down

According to the data website Coin Market Cap, the price of bitcoin has dropped due to the power failure in the Xinjiang area of ​​China and this area has an important role in bitcoin mining.

It has exposed the basic weakness of this system to the people while the bitcoin network is decentralized, it is not so with its mining.

How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Eat?

How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Eat

The electricity spent in making bitcoins can fulfill the electricity needs of a big metropolis like Mumbai. A study by Dutch economist Alex de Vries, bitcoin produces 38.10 MT (million tons) of carbon footprint every year.

They also state that the carbon footprint of Mumbai is around 32 MT and that of Bangalore is 21.50 MT. currently, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in an interview that the amount of electricity spent per transaction in Bitcoin is not available to anyone else.

Also, research in Cambridge has revealed that a lot of electricity is required for mining cryptocurrencies. Heavy computers are needed to calculate and verify the transaction.

Many researchers find that in Bitcoin mining, the electricity of 121.36 terawatt-hours is used in a full year. The price of the currency will not come down, there is no possibility of any decline in it.

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Tesla Made a Big Announcement:

Bitcoin price reached a record level in February and touched a record of $ 48,000. After this, Tesla’s announced that it has bought 1.5 billion dollars worth of bitcoins and he is ready to accept it as a payment in the coming time.

Whereas, the rising prices of bitcoin are more beneficial for the people associated with the mining business as the demand for machines will increase further.

Will It Ever Fall?

According to Michael Rauch, who is part of Cambridge’s research team, as prices go up the energy consumption will increase. He also said that Bitcoin makes a lot of electricity and this is because of its design. Bitcoin will continue to consume electricity in this way until the price of Bitcoin decreases.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process in which the transaction is carried forward using the computing power and this network is first secured and then the number of people connected to it is synchronized.

Bitcoin is the most expensive currency to date and the mining of bitcoins is carried out with the help of cryptography. It is limited and as its mining increases, it reduces profits.

Why is it Difficult to Earn Profits?

Bitcoin is used in the same way that you use dollars, pounds, euros, or rupees in transactions while its prices are constantly changing. It is completely dependent on demand and supply and the process of creating new bitcoins is called mining.

According to protocol, they can be mined only in limited quantities and the process of making bitcoin is done under a competitive business. As the number of miners increases, it becomes difficult to earn profits from bitcoin while no authority can control the system to increase profits from Bitcoin.


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