If you are in search of who standout top in the comparison of branded led bulbs in India. This is the place where your search ends. As, in this article, we will tell you about the Branded LED Lights in India including top brands Phillips, Havells, Surya, Syska, Bajaj, and many more.

India is the key country in taking the fight against climate change. As our PM Narendra Modi addressed the gathering at Davos, he made sure to let the world know that India has shifted gears to tackle climate change.

In such a big narrative, one such small but significant initiative is India making the shift to LED lighting.

Currently, India is one of the biggest markets for LED lights in the world. As the market for LED Lights is blooming fast, it is also as difficult to find out the best quality if you are not technically sound.

Thus for you, we have reviewed the Top 10 LED Light Brands in India.

Top 10 Branded LED Lights in India:

Let’s have a look at them:

#1. Philips:


Philips LED bulbs are the most expensive in the market because this brand always offers high-quality. All the LED bulbs are above 7 watts that is efficient in terms of power factor and CRI.

Philips is Top LED Light Brands in India for their lumens/watt according to the price range of the product.

Moreover, the Philips LED Bulbs with lowers watt (4watt and below) have too much low power factor. It provides 15000 hours of LED chip life which is in the average quality range.

Best Option To Buy: Philips Stellar Bright 14Watt LED Bulb.

#2. Havells:


This company is known for the famous cable advertisement that says that Havells’ cables never catch fire. After that, it started manufacturing LED lights in 2010, and in that short time, it has established itself as one of the Top Lighting Companies in India.

Havells is known for 3watt and 15watt, as these are the best quality bulbs. In the middle range (5 watts, 7watt, 10watt), this brand needs a lot of improvement as these LED bulbs are most demandable in the retail market.

Best Option To Buy: Havells Adore 15watt LED Bulb.

#3. Osram:


Osram has the best power factor range in Superstar Classic A LED bulb series that is 100 years old and the most innovative company. Also, its Lumens per watt in higher watt models is above good level.

It has a huge range of warm white LED bulbs. The Osram is only a brand among others that provides dimmable LED bulbs.

Best Option To Buy: Osram Superstar Classic A 11 Watt LED Bulb.

#4. Eveready:


This is the only brand that is labeling 100 lumens/watt in each of its LED bulbs. You should buy the Eveready LED bulbs above 9watt.

This LED lamp has the lowest power factor (i.e. 0.5) and it also consumes the same watt as CFL.

Best Option To Buy: Eveready LEDBulb 12 Watt or Eveready LEDBulb 14watt.

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#5. Wipro:


Wipro leads the competitive LED market in India. It has impressive lumens/watt, CRI, and power factor than other biggest players.

Best Option To Buy: Wipro Garnet N90001 9watt LED Bulb.

#6. Oreva:


The Oreva LED Lights has come in two series in LED bulbs (I) ECO Series (II) DX Series.

#7. Bajaj:


Bajaj’s LED lights are long-lasting and longest-lasting LED lights in India that makes it the best-LED lighting company in India.

Bajaj LEDZ 5 watt and 7 watts LED bulbs are total OEM products among the very low price range.

#8. SYSKA:


The new emerging LED brand SYSKA comes in two series of the LED bulb (I)SSK-LB Series and (II) SSK-QA. SYSKA.

It provides a high power factor and CRI but the lumens per watt is still lower in all LED bulbs of SYSKA.

#9. Charlston


Charlston is a small brand that provides unique designed LED bulbs with 5-year warranty. Its GlowUp LED bulbs comes in two variant 5watt and 9watt with high lumens per watt, power factor, and CRI rating.

This brand gives easy competition to big players like Philips, Osram, and Havells. The Charlston GlowUp LED bulbs are dimmable with 50,000 hours of life.

Best Option To Buy: Charlston GlowUp LED bulbs 5watt and 9watt.

#10. Surya:


Surya is also among the reputed Indian brand for decades in lighting. It has started manufacturing LED bulbs that is economical and royal series.

These Surya Eco LED bulbs offer the higher watt in Royal series good in terms of lumens per watt.

Best Option To Buy:  Royal Lamp 7 Watt LED Bulb.

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Final Words:

Final Words

LED lighting has emerged as a prominent way of saving electrical energy. The government of India is also making all possible efforts to educate people about the benefits of adopting LED lighting.

As such, these companies act as pivotal supply chains as the demand for LED increases in India. It’s all about the Branded LED Lights in India, choose wisely among them for lighting your space.


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