Super Five Important Tips Before Buying An Electric Scooter in 2021. In the current situation, when the prices of petrol are increasing rapidly and also the air quality is also getting poor day by day.

Important Things Before Buying Electric Scooter

For such, many automobile companies started making electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers, so that people can get rid of petrol prices and air pollution. The companies are also promising to give greener and cheaper mobility, without compromising on the driving pleasure.

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Let’s Plan Future Green Mobility With Ola Electric Scooter:

Let’s Plan Future Green Mobility With Ola Electric Scooter 

If you are also planning to buy an electric vehicle especially an electric scooter, then in this article we will tell you about the five Important Tips to be kept in mind while buying an Electric Scooter.

This article includes all the tips and tricks from which you can buy an electric scooter that is pocket-friendly and suits your needs.

  1. Range:

Electric Scooter Range

The range of an electric vehicle is all about the total distance you can travel on a single full charge.

While considering design and features, you must calculate the distance you cover in a day and make sure your electric vehicle meets your range requirements. You can select an electric scooter which gives ranges 60-120km.

  1. Battery:

Electric Scooter Battery

An electric vehicle uses the electricity stored in a battery pack to power an electric motor that turns the wheels. Therefore, the higher the wattage of your battery, the more power and range it will offer.

Overall, you should also consider if the EV comes with a waterproof, shock-proof, replaceable battery and if it supports fast charging or not.

  1. Service:

Electric Scooter Service

For the service of Electric Vehicles, you may have to visit official service centers only.

Before, you finalize your new EV, make sure you know about the company’s service policies, total warranty period, and if the company makes spare parts or not.

  1. Need For An EV:


If you need an electric vehicle for daily commuting or carrying products or to cover long distances and if you recharge them on a day-to-day basis. Then, you can buy an electric vehicle.

  1. Pricing:

Electric Scooter Price

Electric vehicles can come at a premium, especially if they offer hi-tech features and while buying an electric vehicle you first define your needs and then find the right option. Always remember that in the long run, you will end up saving more money than petrol/diesel-powered vehicles.


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