Ola Electric Cab Booking Will Be Able In Ola App, Know Where Service is Started. The Ola app has been launched under the name of Ola EV which allows customers to book electric vehicles for the ride. The company is expected to start this service from this week.

ola cab booking outstation

Ola has announced that they are going to add a new category to their app soon. Through which customers can also choose the electric vehicle ride while booking the cab. This new category was also launched in London.

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Let’s Plan Future Green Mobility With Ola Electric Scooter: 

Let’s Plan Future Green Mobility With Ola Electric Scooter 

From this introduction of the new category, customers will now have the option to choose both fuel and electric cabs. This new category service of the company gives benefit to the customers that they do not have to pay an expensive fare when they book a ride with an electric car.

Ola Electric Cab Booking New Category Introduced:

ola cab booking patna

This fare is still as economical as before, which will have two benefits one is that customers will get the opportunity to travel by electric vehicle. These vehicles will not cause any harm to the environment, which can prove to be a major step towards reducing pollution.

On behalf of the company, their decision is the first step towards environmental protection. Customers traveling with Ola’s electric vehicles will get less opportunity to travel for the first 3 months at a very economical price.

Ola Electric Vehicle

This fare price will not include the commission rate, which means that the customers will have a big advantage over it.

In the upcoming time, in India customers traveling from Ola can get the option of the electric vehicle. As the company is going to set up the world’s largest electric two-wheeler factory in Tamil Nadu where the company’s upcoming electric scooter Construction.

This factory will be spread over 500-acres, which is going to be quite big. The company is going to produce Ola electric scooter here and launched it in India soon.


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