The Profile Light Ceiling Design is a new and innovative tool for interior designers to make their dreams a reality. These lights can make any false ceiling or wall panel looks light on an advanced spacecraft.

Plus, they can also be used for illumination purposes as they are durable and smooth lights instead of LED strips. A well-lit ceiling evolves any space multifold as the light decides the theme, ambiance, and much more about the space.

However, Profile Light False Ceiling gives huge scope for experiments and lighting up space according to the requirement.

In this post, we are going to share with you new ways of light up your profile light on the ceiling.

Top 10 New Ideas of Profile Light Ceiling Design:

Let us find out the 10 new ways to Profile Light Ceiling Design:-

#1. Modern Criss Cross Pattern On Roof:

Modern Criss Cross Pattern On Roof

The Cove lights on False Ceiling are very common. But now, direct Surface profiles are installed on the roof, gives you a better appearance and looks on the roof.

#2. Heart Beat Pattern on the Roof:

Heart Beat Pattern on the Roof

Heart Beat Pattern on the Roof designs and patterns can be installed on the roof of the false ceiling of conference rooms or offices. Also, you can install logos and patterns with these profile lights to give that effect.

#3. Light Up Your Alley:

Light Up Your Alley

The gallery of the hallway can give a new modern and minimalistic look with such profile lights that run from the ceiling to the sides. It can be easily installed on drywalls and ceilings. Plus, these lights are great at a minimalistic appearance.

#4. Plain And Simple Profile Design:

Plain And Simple Profile Design

Plain And Simple Profile Design can keep the ceiling effect clean and minimal. You can have an ambient light effect using the profile lights.

#5. Corner And Skirting Lighting Via Profile Lights:

Corner And Skirting Lighting Via Profile Lights

Corner and Skirting lighting are used to give that element of design to the corners and skirtings.

#6. Profile Lighting In Halls And Living Rooms:

Profiling The Stairs

Profile Lighting can run along the bends of the floor, which adds a unique style to the design.

#7. Profiling The Stairs:

Cabinet Light Profiling


Profiling The Stairs are used both to add as a feature to the steps and also as step lights. The steps are made of wood as they will allow for easier workmanship.

#8. Cabinet Light Profiling:

Cove Lighting Profiles

Cabinet Light Profiling is used to give that backlighting effect in cabinets and shelves.

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#9. Cove Lighting Profiles:

Cove Lighting Profiles

Cove Lighting Profiles are used to keep the cove lighting in place. You can use profile lights to give that directional lighting in the coves.

Plus, they are especially used when the high lumen lighting in the coves is needed.

#10. Keep The Strip Lights Intact:

Keep The Strip Lights Intact

Profile lights not only keep the strip lights in place but also help in heat dissipation and provide an even glow.

What Are Profile Lights?

Profile Lights come in various sizes and are made of the aluminum casing. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and it releases the heat emitted by the LEDs which are placed inside them.

Inside them, LED strip lights to come in various sizes, and Lumens such as 12v LED comes in white, warm white, and Natural white color and 60/120/180/240, etc LEDs per/m grade.

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Bottom Line:

Bottom Line

This is all about the top ways about Profile Light Ceiling Design. We hope that you liked these ways.


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