Hurry Up! Saves Up To 2100 Rupees With Solar Air Conditioner in 2021. With the usage of Solar Air Conditioner, you can save at least 2100 rupees every month compared to electric AC, this will reduce the electricity bill by 90%.

Solar Air Conditioner in 2021

In summers, people install air conditioners (AC) in their homes and offices to avoid the heat which results in high electricity bills. The ACs with a 5-star rating are not able to reduce the electricity bill.

If you do not want to spoil your budget bill then, the solar air conditioner can become the best option to reduce your electricity bill. This Solar Air Conditioner runs with the help of AC solar plates.

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The Solar AC can be purchased in 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2-ton capacities, and these ACs can be used depending on the size and need of the room.

They cost more than electric ACs, but they are cheaper considering the cost of electricity by which they will reduce your electricity bill by 90%.


Price of Solar Air Conditioner: Saves Up To 2100 Rupees With Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner in 2021

In the Indian market, many companies are making solar AC. All the companies offering the ACs are almost of equal price. Also, they provide AC with a solar plate, inverter, battery, and other accessories connected to its installation.

The Solar ACs ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars and the bill from 2 stars is higher, while there are less than 5 stars.

If AC is 2 stars then it consumes 8 to 10 units in just one night which means 250 to 300 units will be spent in a month. While 5 Star AC spends around 200 units a month the AC consumes 300 units, then at least Rs 2,100 will be added to the electricity bill.

Solar AC Works:

Solar Air Conditioner Works

The Solar plate is installed according to a ton of solar AC and these plates are connected to the inverter and the battery. The battery is charged with the energy the solar plate produces from the sun.

AC runs with the help of these batteries as this inverter is AC then easily run out of battery and they can also be run with electricity.


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