Tesla Cybertruck will run 982Km on a single charge, about 10 lakh vehicles booked before launch.

As the demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly around the world. The American company Tesla is looking at the forefront.

Recently, the company introduced its first electric Cybertruck in the global market. This electric pick-up truck will be launched in the US market by the end of the year.

It is reported that bookings of 1 million units have already been registered before the launch. A new revelation has come about its driving range, which is very surprising.

Tesla Cybertruck Bookings:

tesla cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most awaited models of this year. According to media reports, the company can start the delivery of this electric vehicle next year.

Currently, a document related to this pick-up truck has been leaked. This is a patent application, according to which this vehicle will give a driving range of about 610 miles i.e. up to 982 km in a single charge.

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The company had claimed that this truck gives a range of up to 500 miles i.e. 804 kilometers on a full charge. One of the leaked documents also shows that the US carmaker has patented new software “Context-Sensitive User Interface for Enhanced Vehicle Operation” for Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup:

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup

The Cybertruck has also gone viral on the internet in which this pickup truck is shown in towing mode with a trailer of 20,000 pounds (over 9,000 kg). It is being speculated from this picture that this pickup may come with some possible accessories like a camper kitchen.

Apart from this, no official announcement has been made by the company about this new driving range. This is based on the leaked specification, so changes are also possible in it.

The Tesla Cybertruck will be offered with three powertrain options – single motor RWD (rear-wheel drive), dual-motor AWD (all-wheel drive), and tri-motor AWD.


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