In today’s time, there is a number of brands of Televisions are available in the market. Selecting the best out of them can be a difficult task. Thus, this article is prepared about the Top 10 Television Brands in India.

All these brands are some popular brands of TV. We have selected the Top 10 Television Brands in India on the basis of online search and consumer reviews.

List of the Top 10 Television Brands in India:

  1. Samsung:

Samsung TV Brand

Samsung Electronics is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in the world. It is the biggest manufacturer of smartphones, laptops, television, memory chips, and semiconductor.

Samsung is the most trusted brand in India. This brand is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and sells lower-priced handsets in the Indian market.

It has always been a leader in bringing new technologies with good color technology to the Indian market.

They offer improved and introduced QLED (or Quantum Dots LED) which is probably the best color technology.

2. LG:

LG TV Brand

LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company. The main products are offered by this company are refrigerators and washing machines in the Indian market.

The LG Company is the second-largest LCD television manufacturer in the world. They offer OLED Panels with the Dolby Vision for better contrast.

There is Nano Cell Display technology that gives a wide color gamut that produces stunning images. LG is the first brand to bring in a lot of AI (Artificial Intelligence) features for improving the user experience with the quality, price, specifications, and much more.

Their price range starts from Rs. 9,000 and go up to costly ones. Their TV comes in LG-led tv 24 inches, LG smart tv 43 inches, and many more.

3. Sony:

Sony TV Brand

Sony is a Japanese corporation that offers consumer electronics, video games, and music entertainment. The Sony Corporation is the 5th largest television manufacturer in the world. It is the group of Sony Mobile, Sony Music, and Sony Pictures.

They offer TVs with stunning picture quality with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) bringing great picture quality. It is one brand that puts in subwoofers for their models to give a good sound effect too.

Sony TVs come with X-Reality Pro, HDR & Triluminous Display are great in terms of picture quality. They introduced OLED TVs which gives stunning picture quality

The prices range starts from Rs. 10,000 and goes up high. It offers the range of sony tv 32 inches, Sony smart tv 40 inches, sony tv 55 inches, sony led tv 24 inches, and many more.

4. Panasonic:

Panasonic TV Brand

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company. It is one of the top five largest television manufacturers in the world. Panasonic has released series of Android Smartphones in India and home appliances products like Microwave Ovens.

They reintroduced the Sanyo brand of television in India at an affordable price. They launched their range of Smart TVs on Amazon and LED televisions exclusively on Flipkart online store.

The TVs are quite good as compared to most budget brands in the market in the terms of good picture quality on their IPS panels.

It has all significant formats like Smart TVs, 4K TVs, 3D TVs, and much more with the starting range from 13,000 and go up to high. The most popular TV by Panasonic is the Viera range.

5. Philips:

Philips TV Brand

Philips is a popular Dutch multinational conglomerate company. It also one of the largest electronics companies in the world. It starts manufacturing radios, light bulbs, headphones, speakers, Philips beard trimmer, and LED televisions.

Philips LED TVs come with blur-free motion, pixel accuracy, and unusual sound clarity.

The brand models have intelligent features, unbelievable 20 W sound, ample connectivity characteristics, and digital direct performance use.

6. Vu TV:

Vu TV Brand

Vu Televisions is the largest selling TV brand in India on e-commerce platforms and 20 stores in Indian cities. It was founded in California and sells the majority of its televisions online on Flipkart.

This Indian brand provides good technology at a very decent price. They give premium technologies like HDR, Wide Color Gamut, Pixelium Glass Technology for enhanced shine.

With the ActiVoice Remote with hotkeys, and software innovations such as Upscaler Technology and Vu Cricket Mode.

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7. Mi TV:

Mi TV Brand

Xiaomi Corporation sells wearable accessories and home appliances in India. They offer a TV that is super slim, packed with features, with the best audio experience.

MI TV offers the Picture Engine technology on their smart TVs. They are known for the top features, specifications, and the best price compared to the other brands.

8. Sansui:

Sansui TV Brand

Sansui Electric is a popular Japanese brand and part of Grande Holdings. They use the LED technology with the latest innovations from Sansui.

Moreover, it will consume a lower amount of electrical energy.

9. Haier:

Haier TV Brand

Haier is a Chinese consumer Electronics Companies. They started their business by designs and manufactures home appliances in India, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

The Company offers LED TVs which will elevate your viewing experience. With the features of Volume leveler, HDMI port, USB convenient connection, and Full HD program.

10. Onida:

Onida TV Brand

Onida Electronics was a very famous brand in India. It offers color CRT televisions in the 1980s and famous for popular ads of a devil with horns and tail.

They offer a wide range of Plasma TV, LCD TV, Air conditioners Microwave ovens, LED TV and washing machines.

The brand has reinvented with great LED TVs concentrating on its picture quality and sound system with strong characteristics are advantageous.

Their LED models starting at Rs. 10 000 and going up to about Rs. 52, 000. They offer the screen size of the options increases from 22 inches to 55 inches.

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Sum Up:

Sum Up

In the world of TV, there are LED televisions, LCD televisions, Smart TVs, and Android TVs. They are integrated with the Android operating system and smart features.

We hope that you will be able to choose a good TV keeping in mind all the factors about the Top 10 Television Brands in India.


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