Free! Two Wheeler Electric Scooter To Government Employees. Increasing air pollution has become a challenge for the whole world. So, the Governments have taken many effective steps to reduce carbon emissions. Governments of various countries are trying to implement policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in their countries.

Electric Bike Provided by Government

Delhi is the first state to formulate policies to promote electric vehicles and is subsidizing the purchase of EVs. Same as Andhra Pradesh government has also come forward in this direction. They have taken a big step in trying to promote electric mobility in the state.

Electric Scooter Gifted by Government

The government is considering a plan to provide electric two-wheelers to its state government employees on an EMI basis with the help of central government agencies. This scheme will also cover cooperatives, public sector undertakings, and pensioners.

The electric two-wheelers will be able to cover a distance of 40 to 100 kilometers once full charging. Also, maintenance of these electric vehicles for up to three years will also be given free. It will relieve EV owners from the worry of their maintenance plus the price of electric two-wheelers can be repaid within 24 to 60 months.

According to Andhra Pradesh State Energy Secretary Srikanth Nagulapalli, New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation AP Limited (NREDCAP) will be empowered to operate the EMI scheme.

For the success of this scheme, the state government will especially focus on rural areas, where village or ward secretariat staff and other low-paid employees can avail of the project.

The Government will soon issue an official notice. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) will be a very close partner in this project which works to promote electric mobility across India.

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Through this scheme, the Andhra Pradesh government aims to make the state an electric mobility hub by encouraging e-mobility ecosystem stakeholders on both the supply and demand sides. Two Wheeler Electric Scooter To Government Employees thus they will get a lot of facilities.

They also proposed an allocation of 500 to 1,000 acres of land to develop EV parks which will also have the plug-and-play internal infrastructure, common facilities, and external infrastructure.


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